Sunday, October 27, 2013

Save That Money, Honey!: Return It!

I know this is a somewhat controversial topic-but it is one I abide by.  Here is yet another way I save believe it or not--I return things that I didn't end up needing or liking! 

First of all, I don't like clutter, but once I walk into a store and see beautiful things that would go so well with my home decor, or stylish yet classy clothes that would look so nice hanging from my bedroom closet...or better yet, on me :), or when I see those adorable trinkets at Marshalls and TJ Max that would be just so cool to have if ever I will actually need it, or even see that beautiful new eyeshadow palette, I start thinking about how awesome it would be to bring it back home with me.

And sometimes, I do. 

The declutterer in me, can usually sway myself back into reality-that reality being that I dont need it.  But when even I fail myself, I will usually come back home, realize that I already have something like it and/or that can fulfill the necessary function, and head back to the store to return it.

In some ways the process of buying it fulfills the hidden splurger in me, but the process of returning what I don't need fulfills the not-so-hidden saver in me--and my mind is at ease again. 

Now, some (like my husband) hate the thought of returning things.  And if I lived by his philosophy we would have things in our home that we dont need, taking up room we dont have, and creating more holes in our pockets that are entirely unnessary.  So here's what I say--If you don't need it, or ended up hating it, Take.  It.  Back.

Stores offer return policies for a reason, and I feel absolutely no sense of guilt in utilizing that policy and I say you shouldn't either. 


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