Saturday, October 26, 2013

Save That Money, Honey!: Ebates

Ok this is a BIG one!

I try to shop on here as often as possible simply because 1) it's easy 2) you simply link to the store you want to purchase and it will take you directly there to shop online 3) you make money back on purchases you make online and 4) you can still apply online coupons when checking out!

Here's how it works--
1) Click on the link:

2) Register for an account and automatically get $10 back to your retailer of choice.  (FYI Usually this will take about 6 weeks to arrive.)

3) Pick from the list of retailers you would like shop from and you will be directed directly to the retail site.  (You won't be returning to but know that Ebates does track your purchases if you follow these steps.)

4) Shop as normal!

5) Check out and apply any online coupons on hand or found online ( is a great place to find some).

6) Once your purchase is confirmed you can check in a day or so to see the credit returned to you for your purchase made. 

7) After each pay cycle, you will receive a check back for your shopping online!  How awesome is that?!

HERE'S A TIP...I often will go to the actual store I am interested in shopping in to look at the items personally vs. electronically.  For instance, let's say I want to shop on Macy's- I will go to Macy's to make sure the items I'm interested in fit and then I will go back home and make a purchase through Ebates.  The same is true of Sephora--I will go to the store to swatch the makeup or smell the perfume I am interested in and then I will make an online purchase through Ebates because most often they will offer 8% back!  Score!!!

And just another FYI, every retailer offers a different percentage back but sometimes they will double those offers.  For instance, I love to shop at The Limited for work, but sadly they only offer 1.5% back most of the time.  If you plan it right, and most of the time I do, I will make my purchases when Ebates is doubling The Limited offer to 3% and so then I can make the most of my purchase. 

In short, plan your purchases ahead, shop online through ebates, and watch for those double percentage offers!  You'll be so proud at how much you are saving- while still allowing yourself and your family to have the things you feel good in. 

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