Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finally figured it out!

I've been on hiatus trying to really analyze where I want to go with this blog.  I read so many other blogs (which I love) and it seems the most successful are those that constantly feature new products, or advertise the latest and greatest, and understandably so.  And at one point, I was totally into that craze--but now that I've taken a step back I have had a chance to really think about who I am and what I want to blog about.

So here it is...
I love frugality as much as I love to be put together.  Savings invigorates me as does the idea of being the perfect mom-cooking, cleaning, spending time with family, organizing, couponing, blogging, sharing, being an awesome teacher, working my way towards administration (maybe youtubing?) ...doing it ALL...on a budget while looking good doing it :)

So that's the direction I decided to take this blog.  Ive decided it wouldn't suit me, the author, to write for the masses, but to write for me and others like me.  This blog is going to contain it all--my tricks to living life fabulously and frugally.

I'm feeling inspired already!  Hope you're feeling it too! 

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