Sunday, October 27, 2013

Save That Money, Honey!: Return It!

I know this is a somewhat controversial topic-but it is one I abide by.  Here is yet another way I save believe it or not--I return things that I didn't end up needing or liking! 

First of all, I don't like clutter, but once I walk into a store and see beautiful things that would go so well with my home decor, or stylish yet classy clothes that would look so nice hanging from my bedroom closet...or better yet, on me :), or when I see those adorable trinkets at Marshalls and TJ Max that would be just so cool to have if ever I will actually need it, or even see that beautiful new eyeshadow palette, I start thinking about how awesome it would be to bring it back home with me.

And sometimes, I do. 

The declutterer in me, can usually sway myself back into reality-that reality being that I dont need it.  But when even I fail myself, I will usually come back home, realize that I already have something like it and/or that can fulfill the necessary function, and head back to the store to return it.

In some ways the process of buying it fulfills the hidden splurger in me, but the process of returning what I don't need fulfills the not-so-hidden saver in me--and my mind is at ease again. 

Now, some (like my husband) hate the thought of returning things.  And if I lived by his philosophy we would have things in our home that we dont need, taking up room we dont have, and creating more holes in our pockets that are entirely unnessary.  So here's what I say--If you don't need it, or ended up hating it, Take.  It.  Back.

Stores offer return policies for a reason, and I feel absolutely no sense of guilt in utilizing that policy and I say you shouldn't either. 


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Save That Money, Honey!:

This savings site works very much like Ebates (see my previous post) where you link to your retailers of choice through this website to gain a percentage of your purchase back.  Oftentimes, I will compare which site, Ebates or ShopatHome, offers the most percentage back for different retailers.  They are often very comparable, but not always.

Here are some of the key differences between the sites-
1) You won't get a gift card for signing up but you will receive a $5 credit to your account. 

2) You aren't simply paid out what you have accumluated in your account at the end of the pay period.  Instead, for ShopatHome to send you a check, you will need to have at least $20 in your account once the pay period comes to an end. 

Here is a referral link to the site:
If you sign up through this link you make us both $5 extra bucks :)


Save That Money, Honey!: Ebates

Ok this is a BIG one!

I try to shop on here as often as possible simply because 1) it's easy 2) you simply link to the store you want to purchase and it will take you directly there to shop online 3) you make money back on purchases you make online and 4) you can still apply online coupons when checking out!

Here's how it works--
1) Click on the link:

2) Register for an account and automatically get $10 back to your retailer of choice.  (FYI Usually this will take about 6 weeks to arrive.)

3) Pick from the list of retailers you would like shop from and you will be directed directly to the retail site.  (You won't be returning to but know that Ebates does track your purchases if you follow these steps.)

4) Shop as normal!

5) Check out and apply any online coupons on hand or found online ( is a great place to find some).

6) Once your purchase is confirmed you can check in a day or so to see the credit returned to you for your purchase made. 

7) After each pay cycle, you will receive a check back for your shopping online!  How awesome is that?!

HERE'S A TIP...I often will go to the actual store I am interested in shopping in to look at the items personally vs. electronically.  For instance, let's say I want to shop on Macy's- I will go to Macy's to make sure the items I'm interested in fit and then I will go back home and make a purchase through Ebates.  The same is true of Sephora--I will go to the store to swatch the makeup or smell the perfume I am interested in and then I will make an online purchase through Ebates because most often they will offer 8% back!  Score!!!

And just another FYI, every retailer offers a different percentage back but sometimes they will double those offers.  For instance, I love to shop at The Limited for work, but sadly they only offer 1.5% back most of the time.  If you plan it right, and most of the time I do, I will make my purchases when Ebates is doubling The Limited offer to 3% and so then I can make the most of my purchase. 

In short, plan your purchases ahead, shop online through ebates, and watch for those double percentage offers!  You'll be so proud at how much you are saving- while still allowing yourself and your family to have the things you feel good in. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Save That Money, Honey!: VIP Savings Network Card

Here's an example of how I save when it comes to going out!  I ordered this card from a kid fundraising for school.  It cost me $20 but I have made that back and more in all of the savigns.  Everyday this card holds some sort of special- todays is 20% off at Menchie's.  My kids love this, and in addition, when you text a code, you get a coupon text for a free 5oz cup.  Can't beat that!  Definitely a cheap treat if you and yours want to do something as a family on a Friday night. 

With this card, I have been able to save on dry cleaning, car washing, movies etc.  The point is I will save on locations I will frequent anyway!

This particular card is only available in California, New Mexico, Texas, and Chihuahua, MX.  If you're in these areas you can purchase yours at (not an affiliate link.  For the rest of you, that doesn't mean you can't get savings like this in your area.  Just look around for programs like this or you might even check out (not an affiliate link) to purchase gift certificates to restaurants for less than you would pay for the meal with cash after dining!

Save That Money, Honey! (A New Series)

I'm beginning this series of posts to show others how I go about saving as much as possible while still enjoying life and living comfortably!  I love saving---I feel invigorated and proud everytime I make good choices for my family and am able to watch our savings grow :)   

I know there are a million more mamas out there like me and I would love to hear your tricks for saving too!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Finally figured it out!

I've been on hiatus trying to really analyze where I want to go with this blog.  I read so many other blogs (which I love) and it seems the most successful are those that constantly feature new products, or advertise the latest and greatest, and understandably so.  And at one point, I was totally into that craze--but now that I've taken a step back I have had a chance to really think about who I am and what I want to blog about.

So here it is...
I love frugality as much as I love to be put together.  Savings invigorates me as does the idea of being the perfect mom-cooking, cleaning, spending time with family, organizing, couponing, blogging, sharing, being an awesome teacher, working my way towards administration (maybe youtubing?) ...doing it ALL...on a budget while looking good doing it :)

So that's the direction I decided to take this blog.  Ive decided it wouldn't suit me, the author, to write for the masses, but to write for me and others like me.  This blog is going to contain it all--my tricks to living life fabulously and frugally.

I'm feeling inspired already!  Hope you're feeling it too!