Friday, October 25, 2013

Save That Money, Honey!: VIP Savings Network Card

Here's an example of how I save when it comes to going out!  I ordered this card from a kid fundraising for school.  It cost me $20 but I have made that back and more in all of the savigns.  Everyday this card holds some sort of special- todays is 20% off at Menchie's.  My kids love this, and in addition, when you text a code, you get a coupon text for a free 5oz cup.  Can't beat that!  Definitely a cheap treat if you and yours want to do something as a family on a Friday night. 

With this card, I have been able to save on dry cleaning, car washing, movies etc.  The point is I will save on locations I will frequent anyway!

This particular card is only available in California, New Mexico, Texas, and Chihuahua, MX.  If you're in these areas you can purchase yours at (not an affiliate link.  For the rest of you, that doesn't mean you can't get savings like this in your area.  Just look around for programs like this or you might even check out (not an affiliate link) to purchase gift certificates to restaurants for less than you would pay for the meal with cash after dining!

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