Friday, November 1, 2013

Save That Money, Honey: Samples

Here is yet another post dedicated to saving money!


I love to order free samples! You can't imagine how often they come in handy!  I personally love to put them to use when traveling, but I also use them to try something new.  So when I would normally make my rounds to the travel section at the nearest Target or Walmart to spend around 12-15$ on basic toiletries for travel, I now have a small stockpile of sample-sized items that I can use for my family instead. 

Some of my favorite blogs to get the latest samples are: 
Penny Pinchin' Mom
The Frugal Free Gal
I Crave Freebies

TIP: I hate typing in the same information over and over so if you have an iPad or iPhone, I would say to go to your settings and set up autofill, so that every time you are requesting a sample you can click on that little magic button and wha-la, that little form is done and submitted, and your sample is on its way!


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