Friday, July 13, 2012

Makeup/Nail Polish Storage

Lipstick/Lipgloss Storage
I purchased this organizer at Marshalls.  It is supposed to be an office supply storage unit that rotates it, but I found it was very handy to store all of my lip products.  After trying many different ways to organize these (i.e. by color, lipsticks vs. lip glosses) I decided the most asthetic and less chaotic way for me was to organize them by brand.  The colors are so much easier to find now!

Another view of the my lip product storage.

Because I love to coupon, I have aquired many back-ups in addition to my already large stash.  I have sorted all the eyeliners/lipliners I have duplictes of as well and put them in a little container so that as I run out of a color from my main collection I can just replace it.  Most of my duplicate items are from collecting many Urban Decay collections.  The little leather box that is holding my liners is a Michael Kors box one of my watches came in.  The larger leather box is from Target.  The little round box was given to me as a container for a gift. 

Lipstick and Powder Storage Stored Away Under Sink

Countertop Storage
This is my go-to area on my bathroom counter.  As you can see I have a rectangular marbe piece that holds containers for lipliners, eyeliners, and primers, and two palettes of drugstore eyeshadows I have depotted and am trying to use up.  (I have even hit pan on some of these! Yay!)  To the sides there are two more containers.  Both hold lipglosses I am working on finishing up as well.  Each glass container holds my makeup brushes--one for face brushes, the other for eye brushes.  The small leather containers are also Michael Kors boxes repurposed. 

Another view of my countertop storage.

Wall Storage
I purchased some plastic containers from the Container Store and used three 3M Command Strips per container to attach to my wall.  They hold up very well and I am able to store my concealer, foundation, finishing powders, blushes I am working on finishing, Fix-+, them without taking up counter space.

Here is what my entire counter looks like from afar.

Middle Drawers
I have three drawers down the middle of my bathroom cabinets.  In the first is where I keep all of my Loreal Infallible eyeshadows.  (I love these!) I also hold small everyday makeup tools in a rectangular storage here (think scissors, Clarasonic charger, eyebrow shapers etc..).  I also took three of the Michael Kors box tops and organized all of my Mac Paint Pots and Maybelline Color Tatoos (which I used as eyeshadow bases) and stored them in there.  The rest is night stuff, my husbands hair wax, lint remover...nothing special really :).

I keep all of my hair tools in my second drawer. 

I keep palettes, a Sketch Diary (with swatches of all of my eyeshadows by color), and two makeup bags full of fall/winter nail polishes (yes I have organized my nail polish stash to this degree!).  The lipstick bag is full of Back 2 Mac ready containers.  I like to store them there so that I can quickly grab it and pack it for the next time I visit a city with a Pro Mac store that will accept depotted eyeshadow containers. 

Nail Polish Rack
I have organized this rack to include all my glitters, nail art polishes, spring/summer colors, and universal colors.  I love being able to see everything right off the bat!

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