Monday, December 23, 2013

Save that Money, Honey!: Free Flights

So, flights are expensive.  They are especially expensive when there's four of you, or six of you, or whatever.  But I found a way to save money on one of the most outrageous expenditures of any family vacation.

My husband and I decided we would use our Southwest Rapid Rewards card for ALL of our household expenditures.  Everything.  All year long.  And by doing what I have to do anyway, shop for gas, groceries, Amazon products :)...I earn points for flights.  When summer roles around we usually have enough to pay for all of the flights to our family destination.

The Southwest card is not the only card that offers this program, there are many of them.  But perhaps this will spark some ideas for you and yours when planning for your next airline travel!

Let me also mention that in order to avoid paying interest fees on balances carried over, you should plan to pay the credit card in full at the end of the month.  Don't save just to spend!

Happy savings!

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