Friday, December 27, 2013

Naked 1 Palette Tutorial #1

Here's a tutorial using the original Urban Decay Naked palette.

  1. Blend "Naked" into the crease in a windshield wiper motion.
  2. Place "Baked" onto the lid in a patting motion. 
  3. With a pencil brush, create a triangular shape with the color "Hustle" in the outer V of your eye.
  4. Without using anymore color, blend any harsh edges with a blending brush. 
  5. With a shader brush, use "Virgin" along the brow bone.

  6. Using the same pencil brush as early, add a smaller triangular shape above the "Hustle" e/s using the color "Creep".
  7. With a clean shader brush, apply "Sin" in the inner corners of the eye.    
Add eyeliner and mascara, and you've got yourself a "Naked" look!

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