Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project Pan

So I have a ton of lie.  I have way more than I could ever use but every time I see a Walgreens I have this urge to just go inside and "look".  Lucky for me I am also very "accomplishment driven" which is why I am steadily working towards finishing up products.  By products I mean every beauty sample I own (hello GlamBag) and half-finished lipsticks, eyeshadows, and lipglosses.

Back in the day, when I was younger, I used to buy a lot of drugstore eye-shadows.  Now that I am a bit older (not much--just a tad) I have invested in higher end makeup.  The problem is I feel so guilty using those higher ends without having finished my drugstore ones!  So I have since de-potted all of these older drugstore items and put them into two z-palettes.  They sit nicely on my bathroom counter where I can reach for them and use them every day.  I have hit pan on a couple and have shamefully realized I did not need to buy all of that high end stuff since the drugstore makeup can be just as great over a primer!  And so many of the colors are near exact dupes for my Mac and Nars stuff.  Grrr...oh well, lesson learned. 

I also have an absurd amount of lipglosses.  So I rummaged through my things and started organizing.  I sorted all of those lipglosses by colors and what do you know...I have a ton of similar colors and finishes.  They are from different brands but similar nonetheless.  So I pulled out the ones that were half way done and placed them inside a little container on my counter for me to use.

I went through the same exact process for blushes, bronzers, and highlighters, foundations, concealors...etc, you get the drift.  And let me tell you it feels so good!  Will I stop loving and purchasing makeup...umm no.  But I will be methodical and try my darnest to finish stuff up so people can't call me a hoarder. :) 

Are you with me?  I'd love to hear about your methods for getting through your products!

Until next time,

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